Michelle | North Raleigh Christian Academy | Class of 2016

It's hard to believe it's almost time to start school again. Y'all better enjoy these last couple of weeks by the pool, beach. lake - wherever you find fun. ;)

Michelle is one of our Class of 2016 senior spokesmodels and she has been so much fun to work with! I can't wait for her full session this fall - we're going to have a blast!

Here are just a couple of gorgeous images from her modeling session.



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Football Life | Fuquay Varina Youth Football & Cheer 2015

Twas the Night Before Football

Twas the night before football, when all through the town
The coaches were thinking, “How do we get that first down?”

The players were bundled all snug in their pads
Running through the house, “Let me hit you, Dad!”

With moms in their new swag, and dads with gear bags
They worried the August heat might just make them gag.

We’ve got the uniforms, helmets and cleats
Now all that’s left is to just make them eat.

Then right down the hall there arose such a clatter
As one of the players emptied his bladder.

Away to the bathroom to check on his mate
Son looked back and said, “Dad I've had to hydrate!”

With conditioning ahead, feet NOT filled with lead
The kids all must learn DO NOT LEAD WITH YOUR HEAD.

With runs, plays and drills there’ll be no time to chill,
But that is ok; they’re developing skills.

Us Bengals, we’re loud, we’re fierce and we’re proud
Better get a cowbell to keep up with this crowd.

So thanks to the parents, the coaches, the players
We’ll enjoy our games without any naysayers.

On our last night without rush,
Let’s enjoy the quiet hush.

Because tomorrow it’s on,


I'm thrilled to sponsor this amazing program! Be sure to check them out. www.fuquayfootball.com

Hope for Belize | Mission Trip June 2015

Friends: “What are you guys doing this summer?”

Me: “We’re taking a missions trip.”

Friends: “Cool!  Where are you going?”

Me: “Belize.”

Friends: “You’re going to Belize??! Wow!” 

I imagine that’s what many people envisioned when we told them where we were going. We did have plans to spend our last day on the Caye reflecting on our experiences. However, when we actually got to the Caye, I can honestly say I’d have rather spent one more day in San Ignacio. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very grateful we got to experience God’s beauty on the coast, but the experiences & people inland worked their way into my heart & I didn’t want to leave. (In other words, I cried like a baby.)

When we headed west for our two hour (school) bus journey, it wasn’t long before we began to see lush, tropical surroundings. Mountains in the distance (Delani, having read about it somewhere, actually called out The Sleeping Giant before our local missionary, Lorelee pointed it out to us) and palm trees all around, I was in awe. I couldn’t stop looking out the windows. (Side note – all of these images were taken with my phone, and many were taken on a bouncing, moving us. I lost count of how many times I wanted to ask Charles to stop the bus so I could take a picture!)

Belize is stunningly beautiful, but you know what? It’s people? Even more beautiful. You see, if you have running water & electricity in your home in rural areas in Belize, you’re fortunate. Many have less, much less in some cases, but they have the best attitudes of anyone I’ve ever seen. The Belizeans we met are so kind, generous and loving. We walked to many homes to invite people to church and their children to VBS and not once was our group met with rudeness. Most everyone actually wanted to take time to talk with us. Um, hello! That was a rude awakening to me. Normally if someone comes to my door and it’s not someone I know, I immediately go into annoyed mode. “Ain’t nobody got time for this!” is my attitude. (Sorry God! I get it now.) Not only that, but on our last night in San Ignacio, many of the local women from the church prepared a wonderful feast for us. I’m sure it wasn’t in their budget to feed an additional 31 people, but that is a big example of their generosity. Those meals were prepared with so much love I just cried. And man, were they delicious!!

I still can’t completely explain why I initially wanted to participate in an international missions trip, but I did. Maybe it was the appeal of having a really good excuse to travel – maybe God used that desire in me because He knew what would happen if we went. That wouldn’t surprise me. What did surprise me were the changes I’ve seen as a result. I knew my life would be changed and I knew I’d have great opportunities to help others, but wow. I had no idea what would happen to ME. I’ve been a Christian since I was a child, but never in my entire life have I experienced the closeness to God that I experienced on this trip. They call that a mountain top experience and I didn’t (still don’t) want it to end. Now begins the effort to continue these types of experiences locally, so I can continue to fulfill God’s purpose for me on this earth and selfishly, so I can keep that feeling.

The things that scared me most about this trip – walking the community and talking to people I didn’t know (GASP!!), foods for my picky eater and having to maintain patience with my kids - turned out to be non issues. I was way out of my comfort zone, but God took care of me. People were receptive when we came to their homes, Seth had enough snacks and foods that he would eat & he was fine, and when my kids got whiny? Well, I just said to them, “You should go spend time reading your bible and praying because this attitude isn’t going to work today.” And I let God handle it. He handled it much better than I would’ve anyway.

If you ever have the desire & opportunity to go somewhere on mission (local or global), please don’t let your fears stop you! It will be an experience you’ll never forget and God will change you like you never imagined.


Raleigh NC Wedding | Kari & Will

Kari walks into a room and smiles & laughter follow. Kind, caring and funny, she has that effect on people. Will is the man who puts others' needs before his own and loves without reservation.

Will met Kari one night when he stopped to have dinner with his Uncle Frank as he was passing through town. He was immediately captured by her beauty and fell in love almost instantaneously. Uncle Frank talked him into getting her number and they started talking by phone, finding it very easy to open up to one another. Will is caring & sweet and he loves Kari and her children more than words can express. He's a perfect match for Kari because he makes her communicate. Kari is intelligent & funny and is an incredible mother and woman. She challenges Will to be a better person and he has grown a lot since meeting her. The two of them will be unstoppable.

Wanting something unique, fun and contemporary, they held their wedding and reception at Clouds Brewing. It was the perfect place to celebrate their union with lots of family and friends.

Will and Kari chose to have a First Look so that after their ceremony, they could focus on spending time with friends & family. As you'll see, there were some others who enjoyed watching the first look along with us.

This is the perfect capture showing how Kari & Will have fun together. No prom poses! ;)

We spent a few minutes around downtown Raleigh for some cool shots before the ceremony.


Kari was absolutely stunning! I loved her dress, shoes & flowers! Perfection.

The bridal party did a great job taking care of their bride & groom - looking good and having fun along the way!

Kari's children were a special part of their day as well!


Their love for one another just radiates.

Clouds Brewing offered the perfect contemporary backdrop for their fun wedding. It's really a cool place and the food & drinks are amazing! Kari's mom worked her magic on this gorgeous wedding cake.


Beautiful mother & father of the bride tearing up the dance floor!

By far the best band I've heard in a really long time! If you have a chance to go see Bailey's Comet, I highly recommend you do so! You won't regret it.

The venue offered spectacular natural light during the day and a lovely ambiance in the evening.

I would expect nothing less than a fun sparkler exit for the evening!

Kari and Will, thank you again for allowing me to capture memories of your day! It truly was an experience to remember. I wish you two all the happiness in the world! xoxo

Special thanks to all those who helped make the day wonderful:

Venue: Clouds Brewing
Florist: Brides and Bouquets
Band: Bailey's Comet
Kari's Hair & Makeup: Kim Bryant
Photographer: Everlasting Photography with extra thanks to Christina at Milestones Photography for second shooting & calming my nerves at my first wedding

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