Infant Mini Sessions

You’ve had your newborn session. Now what?

There are so many fun things to capture between the newborn session and the fun cake smash/one year session. I love interacting with infants and seeing how proud they are to learn to sit up, turn over and learn to crawl. Those were some of my favorite days with my own children.

The wonderful thing about having a studio space now is that we can easily capture those milestones at 6 & 9 months in quick mini sessions without having to rely on warm weather. They typically don’t require more than 30 minutes, which is perfect for babies at these ages.

If you come to Everlasting Photography during your pregnancy or with your newborn, you’ll have the option to purchase a one year baby plan and save some $$. If you’re coming to us for the first time at 6 or 9 months, don’t worry. Our sessions will still be reasonably priced for your family.

Give us a shout to schedule your session today! Life gets busy and time flies – I assure you that you won’t regret professionally capturing these milestones.

This sweet baby girl loves being outdoors, so we ditched the studio on this gorgeous fall day and shot outside. I mean, can you blame us?



Fall Mini Sessions Are Here!

I can't believe it is October, but I'm thrilled because fall is my absolute favorite season! I love the crisp air, the colorful leaves, football, having the windows open & not needing a/c - everything about it! It's such a pleasant time to be outside and I like to enjoy every minute. It's also my favorite time to offer mini sessions. Take a look at what is available and see if there's something that fits your needs. There will also be a day for mini sessions in November to get those images for your Christmas cards.






Porter Extended Family

I was lucky enough to travel (yet again) Eastward to photograph the fabulous Porter family. This time, I went to Kure Beach for an early morning beach session. Leaving Raleigh at the butt crack of dawn, I was in serious need of lots of coffee. I got the caffeine fix I needed, watched the sunrise while driving and met the families on the beach at 7:30. It was a gorgeous morning and the light was as beautiful as the people!

How lucky am I to be able to photograph families on the beach for a living?! Pretty darn blessed, for sure!

These are definitely some of my favorite images from the session, but it was difficult to narrow it down. These kiddos were making me laugh with all of their expressions - I love being able to capture their authenticity!

To see the entire session, feel free to check out their slideshow here. You'll see why I had such trouble narrowing it down.

Courtney, thank you for giving me the opportunity to photograph your beautiful family!


That Voice Inside Your Head

I know I’m not the only lucky one. Call it the voice inside your head, your instincts, God talking to you – whatever. It’s there if we only choose to listen.

We took a break from Raleigh and went to the beach for a night last weekend with my in-laws including my 4 nephews ages 4-14. That’s a total of 6 kiddos when you add our two.

About 30 minutes from the beach, I turned the radio down and told my children, “We need to have a discussion about what to do if you should happen to get caught in a rip current. It’s probably not going to happen, but it’s always good to be prepared and know what to do in an emergency.” I then proceeded to remind them how to handle it.


My MIL had rented an oceanfront home for the family to enjoy for the week, so I told my kids they’d be able to play on the beach without an adult, but they could not swim in the water. At age 10 and 9, they were THRILLED about this chance for some independence! We got everyone unloaded and they were ready to go. I reminded them – you may get your feet wet, but if you go in the ocean above your ankles without an adult on the beach, you lose the privilege of being out there alone. No second chances on this one. My two children and two older nephews made their way on out to the beach. It wasn’t long before my BIL and two younger nephews (4 yrs & 5.5 yrs) were down there also. Meanwhile, I’m watching all of this from the window & told my MIL “my kids are gonna hit the water since Uncle B is out there”. Not being comfortable with that (he had his own four children – two of which couldn’t be left alone), I asked my husband to please go on out there. Meanwhile, I’m watching my two go deeper and deeper into the ocean. My husband wasn’t moving fast enough, so I ran out there (literally RAN) and called my kids out of the water. They thought they were in trouble and were ready with “but there’s an adult out here!” I had to explain that Uncle B would have a hard time helping them in an emergency because he had all 6 children to supervise and two of them needed constant supervision. I told them to wait on their Daddy.

About the time all of the words were out of my mouth, their Dad gets to the beach and everyone is happy. I go back to the house to change into my swimsuit and join them. It took me 10-15 minutes to change and pack our beach bag for the rest of the afternoon.

When I get back to the beach, my SIL asks me, “Did you see what happened?” Thinking it was probably something interesting like an animal spotting, I simply said “no”. She then shares with me that my 10 yo son got caught in a rip current. **Side note: he was in the water up to his chest, jumping the waves like he always does without any type of flotation device. That’s his all-time favorite thing to do at the beach. My husband was nearby with our daughter.** I can’t even remember what I said to my SIL at that point, I just remember hurrying out to the ocean (yes, thankfully they were back in the water!) to see my husband and the kids and get the story. I can hardly repeat it without crying.

That voice inside my head was absolutely God talking to me that day – urging me to remind my kids how to handle a rip current; (strongly) urging me to get out to the beach and call them in from the water when it was only my BIL out there.

We could’ve had a much different, much worse outcome if I had chosen to ignore that voice in my head, my instincts, God.

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