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I met Bailey about 2 years ago when I photographed her for her high school senior portraits. I could tell almost immediately that she was different - she was so genuinely filled with joy and kindness that it was contagious.

I've been lucky enough to stay somewhat in contact with her & her family, so I get to see the wonderful things she's up to 2 years later. I'm telling ya, this gal is changing the world. I've told my children about her lately and have shared with them that one of my biggest regrets is being so self centered in my late teens/early 20s. I'm 41 now and realize I missed a lot of years that I could've been doing great things for God.

Bailey isn't wasting her time. She's using her time, talents & treasures to change the world for God's glory. Love in action. I love it! Here's part of her story:

"So I am currently a sophomore at NC State studying Fashion and Textile Product Development and am absolutely loving it! 

I have been a "Christian" all of my life, thanks to two amazing parents and one awesome God! But it wasn't until God called me to Haiti my senior year of high school that I started to truly understand the meaning of being a follower of Jesus and what that looks like. So, I went to Haiti as a newly 18 year old and totally fell in love with the gorgeous country and my God who created it all! And ever since that first mission trip I have been on fire for the Lord. When I came to college, I immediately got involved with the campus ministry called CRU (crusaders for Christ) and have loved teaming up with them to spread the GOOD news around campus! I decided to devote my summer (2015) to the Lord, through a program with CRU called summer missions. So, I chose to fly halfway across the country to a small town in North Dakota! I never, in a million years, would have thought I would live in ND for 3 months, but God did! He called me out to ND with HUGE expectations, and I sure hope I was able to fill them! Of course God laid it on my heart to spend a summer building His Kingdom, but I think he also laid it on my heart to step out of my comfort zone. And I sure did. I believe that when God calls us to serve, He calls us to be bold. Be bold in our actions. Be bold in our faith. I'm so thankful God calls us to be bold, because I feel like I thrive most when I am out of my comfort zone, He uses me in ways I never thought he could. As God showed me in Haiti, he showed me in ND, that it truly doesn't matter who you are with or even where you are at, what matters most is centering your life around your creator. 

Now, God showed me this is SO many ways, in many different places, at many different times, but one cool way I've seen God working through me is in the fundraising part of my mission work. 

In preparations to spend the summer in ND, working on relational evangelism in the work place, I had to raise funds! So I put my mind to the test and started up my own scarf business! I knitted over 150 scarves and sold them to family, friends and strangers in order to help spread the good news to those who lived in ND. Not only was I able to be creative and do what I love (crafting:)) but also share the gospel to many of my customers! I truly think God has called me, not only to go on mission trips, but to show others what HE is doing through ME in preparations for the trips. 

So fast forward to now, I am planning on going back to Haiti in one month (yay!!)! So over the past few months I've, once again put my mind to the test to try and think of fundraisers! And I came up with Headbands To Haiti! Long story short, I have raised nearly 2000$ from selling hand sewn headbands to many different people through my store on etsy! Once again, the lord has been faithful to me by providing me with the skills to make/ sell the headbands AND to raise the funds! I truly believe that this is a gift that God calls me to use. Through many different sales of headbands to strangers, friends aunts/ uncles, family friends, I have been able to share the love of Jesus through a cute little headband!! As excited as I am about my upcoming trip to Haiti to serve those people in need in Haiti, I am just as excited to serve my friends and family by telling them about Gods Kingdom here on earth!

PS I am also headed to California this upcoming summer to work with CRU again, evangelizing to those in south Lake Tahoe and am experimenting new fundraising ideas!!  

Many people ask if I am scared to do things like this. To travel. To share the word of God to people who may not need to hear it. But what I love to remember is that "if God is for us, than who could ever stop us". This little quote gives me peace knowing that I am not the one who should fear. Those who should be in fear are the ones who have not yet met Christ, and I want SO badly to tell people about Him!"

Bailey, THANK YOU for listening to God and showing every day what a great adventure it is to live for Him. You are a true inspiration to everyone - young and not so young!! I am thankful to know you and can't wait to see how God continues to use you to change the world!


Terri specializes in newborn, young child, family, headshot and high school senior portrait photography. Everlasting Photography offers unique experiences throughout all areas of Wake County, NC including Raleigh, Apex, Cary, Morrisville, Holly Springs, Garner and Fuquay Varina.

Professional Headshots | Holly Springs, NC Photography

Joe recently earned his NC Realtor's License and was in need of some headshots to use for all of his marketing pieces before the spring boom of house hunting begins. While I always work within company guidelines, it's nice to get creative and help my clients stand out from the standard run of the mill headshots.

Even though we're well into 2016, it isn't too late to use the 'new year' excuse to update your headshots. Give us a call or shoot us an email to schedule a time.


Terri specializes in newborn, young child, family, headshot and high school senior portrait photography. Everlasting Photography offers unique experiences throughout all areas of Wake County, NC including Raleigh, Apex, Cary, Morrisville, Holly Springs, Garner and Fuquay Varina.

Love In Action | Holly Springs, NC Photography

I'm so excited to share a new post where I have a chance to weekly highlight those who are showing love by their actions and changing the world. This idea all started toward the end of 2015 when I finished reading the book 'Love Does' by Bob Goff. It's an absolutely amazing book that I highly recommend you put on your reading list. In it, he talks about showing love in the things you DO. In your actions. In fact, we're even instructed by the greatest Author to

"let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth" 1 John 3:18

It's the young child who organizes food drives to help those who are hungry, the middle school student who stands up for someone who's being bullied, the high school student who spends her time helping her elderly neighbor, the college student who leads a high school small group and who spends her summers on mission, the adult who seeks to find joy in every situation and lives to help others.  These people are out there changing the world by their love in action and I can't wait to share their stories with you each Wednesday.

Has someone inspired you in this way? I'd love to know about it - shoot me a message.

Until then, I challenge you to find even the simplest of ways you can demonstrate your LOVE by your ACTION.


Baby S | Holly Springs Newborn Photographer

I have to admit, it's taken entirely too long to create this blog post. I've got to do better with this!

This sweet baby girl has parents who adore her, an older sister who will probably be her BFF and 3 older brothers who will protect her and look after her. Needless to say, this precious child is loved. Don't you just LOVE her hair?! OMG!

Terri specializes in newborn, young child, family and high school senior portrait photography. Everlasting Photography offers unique experiences throughout all areas of Wake County, NC including Raleigh, Apex, Cary, Morrisville, Holly Springs, Garner and Fuquay Varina.

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